Bedroom Sets For Every Taste
“you’ll be spoilt for choice”

We can cater for every taste. Maybe you would like to include mirrors, or coloured, frosted or clear glass. Perhaps you prefer a modern clean design, with recessed edges so that you don’t need knobs or handles. The choice is yours.

Sliding doors come in many varieties, such as glass, mirror and plain with an infinite number of colour options., and their versatility means that they are perfect for even a home office, study or lounge.

matching pine bedroom furniture

Stylish And Practical Wardrobes
“designed with your lifestyle in mind”

From modern to traditional, in a vast choice of finishes and styles, including the popular high gloss ranges, we can design your new bedroom furniture to fit any room size, shape or available space, to create the fitted bedroom of your dreams.

ash custom fitted bedroom furniture

Choose A Matching Headboard
“top marks for style”

And not just the headboard… add bedside cabinets, drawer chests, dressing table, mirrors and stools. Your stool can be upholstered in a fabric of your choice, with wooden legs to match your furniture colour.

light wood fitted bedroom furniture

Perfect For Any Children's Bedroom
“limited space.. no problem”

Create the ideal bedroom for your kids. It’s easy, just arrange a no-obligation design meeting, so that we can help you to design the kind of room your children can enjoy for years to come, with plenty of storage for all their needs.

childrens bed with slide

Modern Or Contemporary Choices
“dont compromise on style”

Our fitted bedroom furniture and sliding door wardrobes are available in many style choices and each with their own intelligent storage solutions, and all available in designs ranging from modern to traditional.. contemporary to classic. And best of all, they are all available at prices that will suit all tastes and all budgets!

contemporary bedroom and bed

Dressers Made To Measure
“our interiors are robust & practical”

We know from experience that there is no such thing as a standard size room, that’s why our bedroom furniture is all made to measure. There are no standard size, shelves, doors or rails. Everything is made to measure, including the internal layout Your imagination is all that is required to design the perfect room.

white bedroom dresser

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