Top Bedroom Design Ideas and Tips

It is always somewhat expensive and also time consuming when you start to refurbish rooms in your house.

Although it is always well worth your time and effort, and when after the project is finished and you walk into your newly finished room, you will know that the mess, upheaval and expense was worth it in the end.

The two rooms in your house that have to updated from time to time are the bedrooms and bathrooms, not only are they the most used, but they also need to kept up to date and modern so that they remain rooms that you are happy to use and want to spend time in.

The ideas will below will give you some design ideas and tips, so that you can move forward with your room update plans and give them the TLC that they deserve.

How to make even the smallest of rooms appear to be larger

I think that most of us would like a bigger bedroom, and though it may be physically impossible to enlarge the room, there are little tricks of design that will make your room appear to be bigger than it actually is.

Clutter is the biggest problem here, a clean uncluttered room always looks bigger. And when considering furniture, try to use items that can be used for more than one situation, a good example of this is a sofa bed.

Try putting a rug on one side of your bed and not the other, you will find that it gives the room a feeling of having more space. The use of 2 different types of flooring is an old trick tht makes a room seem bigger than it otherwise would.

A lighter room always seems bigger too, don’t use heavy curtains to keep out the light, but try blinds that can be opened fully allowing the available light to flood in.

Adding a light colour to a ceiling also helps to lift a room and make it seem larger.mirror and headboard image

For the Children

Most childrens rooms have lots of decoration, with busy wallpapers, murals and wall hangings, posters and clutter. Wallpaper that is relevant to your child this year may not be so relevant next year, forcing you to redecorate quicker than you aniticipated. Save money by using plain papers and paint on the walls. Posters are easy to change and a lot less expensive.

Try to have plenty of storage options in your childs room, such as shelves, chests and cupboards, so that unused toys and books can be stored neatly away instead of on the floor and bed.

A glamorous and stylish look for your bathroom or bedroom is art deco, which is more popular than ever this year. There are taps, sinks and tiles for the bathroom, and for the bedroom lamps and soft furnishings help to give you an art deco flavour.

Shabby Chic is a buzzword lately too, and you can jump on this design bandwagon by using distressed mirrors and furniture on your newly decorated walls.

If you would like any help or ideas regarding your bedroom design and how you can maximise the storage space in your bedroom with made to measure bedroom furniture or sliding doorwardrobes, why not contact us at Fitted Bedroom Solutions Derby on 01332 806936, or visit our website

The video below has some budged bedroom ideas that may give you some inspiration.

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